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Shamanic Healing Initiation

Be Initiated as an Energy & Shamanic Healer

Level 1

Coming in January 2018

Be Initiated as a Shamanic Healer... Learn energy healing, how to use the Medicine Drum, Rattle, Chants, and Ritual to heal, break free from mental/emotional blocks, as well as learn a meditation to consciously regenerate your body!

This is a very special weekend training. You’ll receive a special initiation that activates your ability to do energy healing. After you receive the initiation you’ll physically experience the energy become active and your ability to send energy.

You'll also learn how to use Medicine Drums & rattles for healing, breaking up blockages, calling upon spirits and ancestors. You'll learn how to perform ritual and ceremony too. You'll learn how to use them along with mantras to amplify the healing process.

Plus you’ll learn how to Consciously regenerate your entire body including your skeleton and brain utilizing a specific breath practice. 98% of our atoms are brand new each year and you’ll learn how to participate in this process which keeps the body youthful, energized, and in optimal health!

* Place to stay (cabin)
* Delicious Food
* Initiation
* Training
* And the magic these weekends bring

Limited to 8 persons
Message me ASAP if you’re interested.

This training is typically offered for $500+ however I’m offering it for only $300. My goal with offering the Shamanic Journey Program is to make this training easily available to those hungry to learn and develop their own awareness. 

Training begins Saturday morning at 9am and ends at 2pm Sunday afternoon.  You can stay at the cabin Friday & Saturday evening.  Contact us for further details

This Event is current FULL

Training and Initiations Includes:

  • Reiki 1 & 2 initiation (use as base)

  • Shamanic Energy Healer Initiation

  • How to use Medicine Drum & Rattle

  • Self-Regeneration Meditation

  • How to do energy healing (lots of practicing)

  • How NOT to take on others energy

  • Secret of opening patient up to receive and get the most from the healing

  • How to lovingly lead someone in a deep and rejuvenating healing experience

  • Basics of Healing session and leading one through a soul-journey vision session

For questions or to join us email

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