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Shamanic Scout Training

A Three Month Journey Learning Shamanism,  Survival Skills & Nature Awareness

We've been tamed for too long. I'm ready to feel wild and nourish the wild nature within me for it is authentic and real and nourishes the spirit inside me!

A Scout is one who has a heightened awareness and ability to move through any landscape.  They have a deep connection and see the relationships and flows within a landscape and has the practical and internal skills to be within it.

Imagine journeying into the wilderness, gathering around the fire brought to life by primitive methods, of deepening your understanding of the plants, animals and land of the PNW.

Imagine tapping into your wild nature, of heightening your senses, learning how to read animal signs, understand bird language, and interpret the stories left by animal tracks. Imagine being part of the conversation the forest is having all around you.

Imagine learning shamanic drumming, the art of ritual, and the shamanic breath work to harness your internal energy.  Imagine learning Shamanic techniques to cultivate your gifts and live your Medicine.

Imagine learning friction fire with local plants, to make shelter, locate water sources and navigate cross country. Imagine being able to identify local plants and trees, to know their significance in the landscape and their relationship with the animals and birds.


Where most wilderness courses focus on survival skills and neglect the deeper connections, we weave them together so you deepen your relationship with the natural world and learn the hidden wisdom revealed through direct immersion and application.

This is a powerful and intensive journey that leads to a solo overnight fire vigil on the weekend of the Summer Solstice where you make a fire by primitive methods and tend to it throughout the night in a sacred manner.  It's a night of ritual, drumming, meditation and communing with the spirits of the land, animals, and unseen forces guiding you. It's a rites of passage and applying all you learned.

On the Solstice, the Scout Group will merge with the Shamanic Healer group also doing an Equinox to Solstice journey.  We'll converge on the solstice to be in ceremony together.  The next day as you go off into the wilderness for your solo fire vigil, the Shamanic Healers will gather around a ceremonial fire to drum, dance, and chant throughout the night to hold sacred space for your solo journey.

The following day we'll gather together with community where you'll experience an initiation. It's an honoring that you who first entered the forest is not the same who has emerged. It's to say we see you in the new now and the community acknowledges your shift.  This is part of our Tree of Totems culture to recognize we begin these journeys to grow into our medicine/gifts for not just ourselves but so the whole community may benefit.  We honor you.

Journey into the wilderness. Deepen your relationship with the land, animals, and plants.  Heighten your senses and discover how to read the signs and be part of

the conversations of the forest

This is a skills based training.  We journey into the wilderness every other Sunday, gather around a fire made by primitive methods, and immerse ourselves in the forest.  This class is focused less on providing answers and instead on how to ask the right questions to lead you and deepen your own relationship with the forest, plants, and animals.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to make fire by Bow-Drill

Bird Language

  • Learn to identify five specific language patterns of birds and what they mean

  • Learn to Identify 6+ birds by song, visual, and habit

Basic Tracking & Animal Sign

  • Identify animal tracks

  • Identify their gait, direction and timeline

  • Begin to reveal their story and relationship with the land

  • Learn their Totem medicine, messages & powers

  • Learn how to harness their energies & unique gifts

Tree & Plant Identification

  • Learn how to identify the trees of our local region

  • Learn common uses

  • Learn why they grow where they do and what they mean in the larger picture

  • Learn 6 common plants and their uses

Scout and Shamanic Skills

  • Learn how to heighten your primary five senses

  • Learn to cultivate other subtle senses

  • Core routines to deepen your relationship with the forest

  • Shamanic drumming, rituals, & breathwork

You'll learn in a traditional manner where we weave immersion, storytelling, games, soulful dialogue & Way of Council, and fun adventures into a tapestry of awakening your medicine and integrating the skills learned.

This isn't knowledge you learn

It's wisdom you become


Details, Dates & More

We meet every other Sunday in a special spot amongst the Emerald Shadow Forest of Mt Tahoma (Rainier).  We journey into the wilderness,  gather around fire, follow the tracks of animals and learns ways of the scout.



7th & 21st


5th & 19th


2nd & 16th


Weekend of 21st, 22nd & 23rd


10am to 5pm


What You Get

  1. You receive three month training 

  2. Six full day training with overnight camping (campout is optional)

  3. The full course which includes videos, audios, worksheets, and practical step-by-step guidance. 

  4. Three Day Summer Solstice Retreat

  5. Join our other classes for free (Fire Gatherings/Sadhana)

  6. Plus you're fully supported and have access to Chivito during your journey.  Call, email, or text him at anytime.

Payment Options Are:

4 payments of $249.25

(Ask about other payment options)

Full Investment is $997


This is an invite only Journey.  Please email us at and share why this resonates, what you'd like to get from this training and how you hope to share/apply it.   We'll then schedule a FREE 30 minute phone interview.  This is so we may connect with you and you with me, ensure you're the right fit and answer any questions you may have.

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