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Wild Forager

Wild Forager is our efforts to help local communities restore a conscious and respectful relationship with the plants, animals and the lands which sustain us.


These outings are an invitation to join community in learning together directly from the land.

Learn all the juicy things you can't learn in books and videos

Get hands-on experiential learning that becomes integrated within you.

Join us for our monthly half-day forage into the wild places where we learn FROM the plants, fungi, trees and the land they're part of.


Experience a more traditional hands-on village-style learning experience.


Each outing we focus on three to five plants so we may get to know them and their relationship to each other and the landscape they're in.

We begin with an introduction of each plant.


We review the types of classifications and key identification markers

We share traditional stories, symbology, and folklore of the plants so you gain a personal and historical connection to them. 


We then venture into the surrounding terrain, learn to spot them, who they're growing next to and observe their relationship to place.  We share practices that helps you come to know them as you gain the hands-on in-person experience with them within their landscape.

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We play foraging games to hone in your sensory awareness, learn how to navigate wild terrain without impacting it, and to help you deepen your connection to the plants, animals, and characteristics of place.

Learn all the juicy things you can't learn in books and videos

What We'll Learn

Only 8 to 10 persons per class to have the least impact on the land

Plant Knowledge

3 to 5 plants

  • Their classifications

  • Medicinal or Food usage

  • Practical Uses

  • Traditional Stories of them

  • Their relationship to each other

  • Their relationship to the ecology

Traditional & Indigenous Etiquette  

  • Customs, rituals and etiquette of harvesting plants

  • Stories, myths and symbolic significance of the plants 

  • Making Relatives Ritual ~ how to be in authentic relationship with the plants, land, and animals

  • Animism and understanding plants as their own people with their unique intelligence and social structures

Prerequisites and Locations

Only 8 to 10 persons per class to have the least impact on the land


While these classes don't require physical stamina, we will be navigating off trail on uneven ground.  We may be crawling over fallen trees and through undergrowth foliage.  YOU WANT to be comfortable and physically able to do so. 

NO PREVIOUS experience is required.  Come with an open heart, curiosity and a sense of play!


We'll be exploring multiple forests, watersheds and ecosystems within 30 mins to an hour outside the Portland OR area.

We'll inform you a week before class where we'll be meeting.  


Details & RSVP

Only 8 to 10 persons per class to have the least impact on the land

Upcoming Dates

10am to 2pm 

Investment: Donation
Recommend $45
All Are Accepted
Sat, Oct 28th
Sat, Nov 18th
Sat, Dec 17th

We follow a more traditional etiquette and begin with introductions. 
We're intentional with ensuring we have a Safe and Like-Spirited group. 
Fill out the form below and why you'd like to join.  We'll then schedule a free 15 minute phone call to connect in and share further details.
Current Member? Use button below to RSVP
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Your Guides


We'll invite in particular guides from time to time who specialize in particular areas.


Your primary guide is Chivito

(Chee-Vee-Toe) aka little goat.


Chivito lived four years primarily outside amongst wild places honing in particular nature skills and awarenesses. 

His mentor Ben, a Hopi Elder, was a special inspiration who taught Chivito how to not just learn ABOUT the plants and animals, but to learn FROM them...  to shift from accumulating information and instead "Come To Know" through sincere relationship.


Chivito brings a unique quality to these classes by having followed more traditional learning trails and by his deep immersion in nature.  He's a storyteller, wilderness rites of passage and Vision Quest guide, and has 20 years experience facilitating groups.

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