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Your Body-Mind Type

Pathway of aligning with how nature is uniquely expressed through you

The rest of creation is waiting breathlessly for you to take your place… 

This is a very special and personal path of journeying into wholeness.  It's a pathway of apprenticing to how the principles and cycles of nature are uniquely being expressed through you. 

You learn your mind-body type called your “Dosha” and as you journey over a three month period, you learn through direct experience as these specific principles of nature reveal themselves within you. 


As they do, you gain a heightened awareness of how to live in state of flow and calm confidence.  You'll discover what foods to eat or not eat, of what health rituals to focus on, of how to harness your unique gifts and strengths as you experience the principles, patterns and cycles of nature.  


There is a place inside of you that holds all the "knowing" you seek. When you can give yourself over to learning from this center, you gain a faculty of understanding with how to walk the unique path you tread.

There is no cookie-cutter pathway.  Your path is unique because you’re unique.  The reason you’re unique is because of how the principles, cycles and patterns of nature have woven themselves together into the unique tapestry that makes you, you.

When you can comfortably rest in the knowing of all you are, you gain entrance to a life of greater flow, connection, and power.

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The 5000 year science of nature & medicine called Ayurveda, reveals what is commonly known as your body-mind type called your "Dosha."  When you know it, you gain the ability to step into your place of center and life from this space. As the old saying shares "The rest of creation is waiting breathlessly for you to take your place."  What you’re doing here is apprenticing to how to live in wholeness.  

What It Entails

This is a personalized learning pathway.  You are mentored over a 3 month period where you learn through direct experience.


You receive

  • Two private sessions each month. (six total)

  • Online Course with charts, articles, videos & resources

  • Email, Text & Phone Support throughout your journey



Monthly payments available

$250/month for 3 months


How To Start

Fill out the form and share why this resonates and what you hope to get from the session.  We'll then schedule a free 15 minute interview to connect with you, dial in your intention and goals, share details and answer any questions.   We'll then schedule the session at a an area close to you.

If you have questions, use the form. Much Gratitude!


Thanks! Message sent.

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