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Inviting Our Sons Into The Circle of

Inspired Men

Youth Rites Of Passage

Bringing Fathers and Son's together

The Father and Son Wildy Class is an opportunity for them to journey together into nature... to connect with the trees and rivers, and animals... to connect with themselves. 

It’s an opportunity for the fathers and male figures to be involved and join our young men in the wilderness where together they adventure and experience through nature skills the process of identifying their strengths, their weaknesses, their unique gifts we’re meant to bring into the world. 


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We gather together in the wilderness and through adventure, storytelling, learning natures skills and Way of The Scout, we weave together powerful and fun experiences that help our youth learn core life skills and how to manage their impulses, emotions, and thoughts. They experience fun challenges where they gain a deeper sense of self and confidence to live out their unique vision wanting to dream through them. 

These are fun experiential outings where we also gather around the council fire and through storytelling and dialogue draw out the deeper meanings and understandings within our personal myth we’re living out.  We learn how to navigate the landscape of our unique path through life.


It provides an opportunity for our youth to feel a sense of belonging and be part of an inspired circle of men


To experience what is to be amongst elders, mentors, and peers who have travelled or are traveling similar paths.

How can our Youth find their place in the world if they do not know themselves?  

Help our youth find their truth, their strengths, and have the support being amongst an inspired circle of men


The Flow of Nature Learning


Nature and the ways of being in nature are our greatest teacher.  We allow the lessons be revealed as we explore and learn.  One day we may find animal tracks and allow our curiosity to be taken along the path of the animal.  In this process we discover the lessons ready to be learned.  By learning how to make fire by friction, for example, we learn mindfulness, how to hold focus, how to manage our internal energy and channel frustration into useful energy.  We learn how friction in our lives can be valuable and how to be in states of discomfort rather than flee it.  


Tracking animals is a way of learning pattern recognition and as we learn to track the patterns of animals we discover how to track our own patterns.


Each of these outings weave together the skills below while we’re having an adventure.  We leave the western classroom and lectures behind and through experience, curiosity, and fun we discover how all these teachings and wisdoms are invisibly woven into a magical tapestry of learning and growing.

Locations & Dates


Carbon River, Mt Rainier WA

Coming in April

10am to 3pm


The Oxbow Regional Park

Coming In April

10am to 3pm


1 youth & 1 adult = $120/class

Additional youth = $35

Limited to 10 students.  Pre-Register to reserve your spot

To Register, email us at letting us know you're interested.

This is for Ages 12 and up

These events are intentionally located out of the city and a distance away.  We’ve done this so to create a special time for sons and fathers to connect, to be on a shared adventure, and have time to process and hear each others story.  It’s scheduling in this monthly time as a priority, a special opportunity for son and father to be together.

Father and Son Flying a Drone

What You Learn & Experience

Nature Skills

Using the wilderness as our classroom, we gather, learn primitive fire making, tracking animals, plant identification and uses, bird language, and how to move through the Wilderness.  

Way of The Scout

The scout was one of the most esteemed individuals in a tribe.  They had a special way of seeing and being in the forest.  They’re able to see how everything was related and connected and in this saw the patterns and flows.  They knew the language of the birds and knew if a predator was near by.  They saw not just the tracks of animals but were able to decipher the story of that animal. 


The Way of The Scout helps us see the patterns and flows in our own life and provides us special skills and tools to be in flow.  Where others experience life happening unexpectedly to them, the Scout is already ahead of the game.


Totem Medicine

We learn about animals of the land and rivers and discover the teachings and lessons they have for us.  Earth based people have long looked to animals not just as food but as teachers and messengers. By observing them, they saw how they fit in with the Great Hoop of Life.  


Sometime we may shape shift into an animal so we may experience the forest through their senses… how do they move through the forest?  How do they hear and see?  What plants do they eat, who are they predator or prey of.


How do we bring these teachings and lessons into our life?  How do we translate this into our family and community?  If we’re deer, who in our life is predator?  If we’re wolf, where do we fit into the pack and what role do we or others play?  How might we use the lessons of this animal to navigate the landscape of friends, society, and life challenges?

Personal Myths

In addition to Wilderness Play and nature skills, we gather around the council fire.  Using storytelling and dialogue we draw out the deeper meaning and understanding within our personal myth we’re living out.  It’s long been said we are not merely here to go through the motions of living.  The elders share we each have a song wanting to come into the world and this song is the story we’re living out.  When you can identify your story, your personal myth, suddenly your life, the people in it, the challenges you face all take on greater meaning.  Suddenly you see it, just like watching a movie, and in this you gain clarity and confidence with how to walk your unique path as you live out your myth.

We draw out the values, incites, and new perspectives to help us live our myth with greater clarity, understanding and confidence.



In these, we learn life principles of Ayurveda so we gain greater understanding of our bodies, of our mental-emotional states, and why we are as we are and why others are as they are.  We explore how to live in relationship with ourselves and others. 

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