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Awakening The Sage Within

Join us on a 6 month journey of harvesting your life experiences and maturing into the unique gifts they offer you.  

Why Awaken The Sage?


Awakening The Sage Within is a shift from aging to saging. To awaken the sage we must first harvest our life’s experiences. 


We want to release and heal from the wounds we’ve collected as well as from our failed expectations and regrets in life.


By doing so we discover the gifts, strengths, and unique offerings they furnish us with.

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If we don’t do this, we carry the weight of our unharvested life with us and they insulate us from our true inheritance and gifts afforded us by the unique life path we’ve travelled. 


We can mature into a bitter old person or mature into the wisdom of our life and be able to experience the joy of being able to share it with others.

As you journey with us, you’ll learn how to extract your life “medicine” which is the unique stories, wisdom, and expression you have to bring into the world. 


You’ll learn how to ground in your medicine, to comfortably rest within yourself, and continue to mature into these gifts. 


This is a journey of being beautifully broken open into a new spaciousness and awareness of self. 

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Harvest Your Life

We do a life review and track the stories and experiences of your life thus lived and has served to mature you into who you are today. 

We harvest the "medicine" within these... i.e. the strengths, understandings, wisdoms and gifts they offer you.

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Heal The Past

Heal and transform the wounds, failed expectations, and regrets.  Release from the stories that bind you and discover the gifts they actually provided you.  

We all need to heal our relationship with the past so it doesn't prevent the potential of today.

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Mature Into Your Gifts

Learn how to step into these gifts, strengths and wisdom you hold within you.  Learn how to step into the Elder or begin maturing into Elder.  How to carry your gifts and share them in a good way and hence continue to have a sense of value with what we contribute. 

Hacking The Aging Code.   We'll also explore and meet head on the social stigma of aging and the common beliefs, stereotypes, and images the media projects onto us and how to break free from the limited conditioning that aging is a slow deterioration of health, vitality, usefulness and value.


We’ll offer you a new perspective with ancient wisdom that will empower you to mature into your sense of self and the unique gifts you have to share.

What The Journey Entails and How It Flows

You have two options to join us... An online journey or join us live in Leavenworth WA

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Online Journey

Join others worldwide around the virtual council fire and be part of an incredible circle journeying together.

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In Person Journey

Join us in Leavenworth WA at the Sleeping Lady Resort as we spend two full days a months within a cultural experience.

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