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A Journey Through

Darkness and Fire

The Elders share, this time between the Equinox and Solstice is an intense time... it's a time our Shadows, our Grief, and Wounds often surface and take hold.  It's a time of cleansing our hearts and minds, a time of ritual and meditation, a time of solitude and gathering in sacred circle.

Yet we find few know how to navigate the shadow season (especially around the holidays) and maintain balance of mind and heart, to use it as a bridge for stepping into a more awake and connected state.  Instead, many feel thrown off balance and become the effect of these unseen influences at play.

Join us for a four week shamanic journey gathering around the sacred fire, giving voice to the unspoken, releasing & healing, learning the tools to navigate the shadows within

Be part of a supportive circle through the Holidays

Each journey you learn and experience new skills with how to navigate your mind, emotions, spirits, and other influences so you remain within the captain's chair and have a greater sense of control. 

You learn how to manage your emotions, mental-spaces, impulses, reactions, and discover how to remain grounded within your center, to maintain sacred-safe space, and draw upon the resources of your ancestors and/or spirit teachers.  You are not alone!

With these skills intact, we create the safe space to give voice to our shadows, grief, or wounds... we draw them forth to offer them to the light of the sacred fire and hence release those things no longer serving us.

We gather the gifts acquired from the past year and invite them to be apart of us as we move forward into the new year.

Throughout this journey, you're being provided the space to release AND gain the tools to navigate your inner shadows with confidence and clarity.

This is a four week journey gathering together Sunday mornings 10am to 12:30pm (2.5 hours)

We gather in The Spirit Lodge around a fire ignited by primitive fire methods (bow drill) and in a ritualized manner.

We arrive in silence allowing the crackle and dance of the fire to pull us in and fill the space with sacred intent.   We then begin by drumming the Ancestors and Spirits into the space via Medicine Drums, rattles and chants... performing the Ancestor Ritual offering sacred herbs and prayers into the fire that they may hear us, hold space for us, and lovingly guide us.

You learn a chant and meditation we do together to lead us into an inner sacred space so we may navigate the shadow world in a safe space.  This creates a sacred container for us to travel through our shadows, grief, and wounds, to be within the fire and yet emerge safe and renewed.  You're in safe space throughout!

We either learn to manage and navigate our inner fires or we become consumed by them.

These inner fires of ours provide us our greatest potential of transformation!

In addition to our four gatherings, you also receive our 30 Day Mind Cleanse, which is our online course providing the methods and techniques to manage your emotions, neutralize triggers, and have greater control of your mental-emotional state.   Click Here To Learn More 

During This Four Week Shamanic Journey You'll:

  • Be part of a sacred circle

  • Learn Ritual to call in your ancestors/teachers

  • Learn How to develop your relationship with these unseen but deeply felt teachers

  • Learn a Meditation that grounds you and helps maintain your center throughout the holidays

  • Learn how to not take on other people's energy

  • Learn how to step out of a contracted mental-emotional space

  • Learn How to manage and have greater control of your emotions mental state

  • Be supported and in sacred space, learning how to harness the season and navigate the shadows


Location:  Lake Tapps, WA

Dates:  Nov 12th,  Nov 19th, Dec 3rd, & Dec 10th

End with Winter Solstice Gathering on Saturday Dec 16th

Time: 10am to 12:30pm

We require a phone interview before you're able to enroll.

Please fill out the form.  Share your intention for joining and a little of your story.  Why do you want to join us and what would you like to get from this journey.

We'll then setup a phone interview so we can better connect and ensure this is the right journey for you.

We do this to create safe and sacred space for everyone.

Thanks! Message sent.

Please Write in the Subject line this is for Journey Through Darkness

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