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NatureWise Immersion

Learn to listen and engage with nature through Indigenous Eyes that weaves you back into relationship with the land, yourself and the Great Mystery

Join us for a day as we journey into nature and avail ourselves to learn “From” the plants, animal signs, and secret languages of nature.

Each day is different and will focus on different skills, awarenesses or experiences. See Below

What you’ll learn:

  • Traditional etiquette of learning from the plants, animals and land

  • Plant knowledge including identification, medicines, uses, traditional stories and ways of being in relationship with it

  • Animal knowledge including tracks and signs, traditional stories, myths and traditional uses and relationships.

  • Secret Languages of nature including bird and animal languages, behaviors, and clues that reveal the conversations and stories that are occurring all around us

  • How to de-colonize our nature connection and ways of learning

  • How to re-indigenize our minds, lives and ways of being that weave us back into sacred belonging with the rest of life


These full day immersions provide the experiences that weave together core nature skills such as plant and animal knowledge, bird language, and sensory-awareness skills with universal indigenous knowledge, etiquette, and relational ways.

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De-colonizing and Re-Indigenizing

our relationship with Nature

What we’re doing here is de-colonizing our nature connection so instead of learning “information” ABOUT the plants, animals and nature we adopt an indigenous way of learning FROM them that weaves us back into relationship and roots us in a greater felt sense of belonging.

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The Flow of the day

Time 9:30am to 2:30pm

Approximately 4-5 hours. 

We begin with ritual and speaking to the land, plants and animals that they may guide us and steward us in our intention to learn and connect.

Each day will be different... some days we'll be focused on the plants, other days on animal signs and tracks and other days on the greater ecology or relationship of the landscape with the animals, plants and weather.

We weave in the storytelling, myths and songs of the plants, animals and land. In Indigenous cultures, everything has a story that weaves us into deeper relationship with place. We learn how to receive and learn their stories... how to apprentice ourselves directly to the land and its inhabitants.

Every journey weaves together Bird Language, animal signs, plant knowledge and sensory skills so you attune to what to be aware of and be part of the conversations occurring all around you.

The day includes solo time to practice your awareness skills and connect with nature on a personal level.

We conclude each journey in circle where we catch each other's stories and pool together our learnings.

Journey tend to be 4 to 5 hours long and vary due to the activities of the day. 


Dates vary with the seasons. Join our online platform to be informed of next dates.  You'll also have access to the conversations and other activities occurring.


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Join Mailing List to be informed of upcoming Dates 

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Gain access to conversations, elders, upcoming gatherings & library of endangered knowledge


Location may vary due to season or plant and animal activity.

Generally, we'll host these within an hour of Portland OR.


We strive to serve in a more traditional way called Gifting Culture.  You can contribute a financial gift (which are greatly appreciated) or you can gift by volunteering at events, helping tend the land, or bring gifts that may be re-gifted for Elders, Helpers or Community Members.

Click Here to make a Single Financial Contribution.   Recommend $25-$50

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