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NatureWise Day

Learn to listen and engage with nature through Indigenous Eyes as you cultivate the skills of a "Scout" who knows what to listen for and what to be aware of.

These full day immersions provide the experiences that weave together core nature skills such as plant and animal knowledge, with heightened awareness skills including bird language, animals signs and other subtle languages in nature informing.


We weave together universal indigenous knowledge, etiquette, and relational ways that invite you into a deeper felt relationship with place.

Each day will be different!  We let the land, animals and signs lead us.

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We'll lean into:

  • Traditional etiquette of learning from the plants, animals and land

  • Plant knowledge including identification, medicines, uses, traditional stories and ways of being in relationship with it

  • Animal knowledge including tracks and signs, traditional stories, myths and traditional uses and relationships.

  • Secret Languages of nature including bird and animal languages, behaviors, and clues that reveal the conversations and stories that are occurring all around us

  • How to de-colonize our nature connection and ways of learning

  • How to re-indigenize our minds, lives and ways of being that weave us back into sacred belonging with the rest of life

These day immersions Invite us into a spirit of play, curiosity, and reflective dialogue.   Instead of learning "information" about nature, we adopt an indigenous way of cultivating relationship with nature and hence learn from and with the plants, animals, and connections available to us.



Upcoming Dates
10am - 3pm

April 8th
May 13th
June 10th

Investment $45

We travel to different locations outside Portland that offer specific ecologies and opportunities to learn from.

ONLY 10 SPOTS available to have minimum impact on the land.

To Join, we follow a more traditional approach with introductions. 

If it's your first time, 
Email us at Learning@TreeOfTotems and share why you'd like to join us.  We'll then schedule a free 15 minute phone call to connect in further. 

For us, these offerings aren't about teaching but inviting others who share a common heart and respect for nature.   This creates really special and fun outings!

If you've already joined, look to your email for next invitation.


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Gain access to conversations, elders, upcoming gatherings & library of endangered knowledge

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