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Shamanism & Sadhaka Training

Spirit is constantly speaking to us and Shamanism is a means of joining the conversation

There is so much of this world and ourselves we are unaware of.  We can feel it yet most do not know how to tap into it and connect with it.

Shamanism is a means of learning what to be aware of and how to participate with the world in a more intimate and connected manner.  It's a way of being in relationship with everything around you and honoring this relationship.  We are not separate... we are part of the whole.  

We offer three levels of learning

  1. Practical Shamanism: Practices and awareness to greatly improve your daily living

  2. Sadhaka & ScoutTraining: For those ready to go deeper into their spiritual practice

  3. Sivaite Initiate: Invite only training... more advanced practices.

Weekly Sadhana Classes

Wilderness Classes

Shamanic Practices

We'll be resuming classes this spring and will provide class descriptions soon.  Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be informed of upcoming events, wilderness excursions, and gatherings.

Shamanic Yoga Sadhana

A Six Week Series

Shamanic Woman 

An introductory shamanic journey for women

Shamanic Healing Initiation 

Learn, Experience and be Initiated into Shamanic Healing 

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