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Remembering Ourselves Home



We’re a community of people from many lands and cultural roots who are restoring our original understandings that offer a heightened way of being as an extension of Nature & the Great Mystery.  We’re focused on inner cultivation and embodying a way of living connected, empowered and humbled that's long been modeled by people cross-culturally who live close with the Earth.

We’re Restoring

Nature Based Cultural Traditions relevant for us today as a diversified people of many cultures holding common values


We’re Restoring

Honoring and giving voice to Elder’s and Wisdom Keepers in our communities


We’re Restoring

Earth Base Psychology that’s relational instead of adversarial, gifting instead of transactional, views life’s struggle as initiation instead of inadequacy. We model nature and honor we’re extension of nature.

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We provide the long held cultural practices such as Wilderness Rites of Passage, Nature Skills, Fire Gatherings,  and Vision Quest.

Hence this is for those who want an authentic experience of coming into their own through these old world paths


We restore Indigenous knowledge of walking in a deeper way along with the self-cultivation practices based from breath and nature.  


Ongoing Offerings


3rd Saturday

NatureWise Day

Learn to listen and engage with nature through Indigenous Eyes that weaves you back into relationship with the land, yourself and the Great Mystery

Join us for a day as we journey into nature and avail ourselves to learn “From” the plants, animal signs, and secret languages of nature.

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2nd Saturday of The Month

Ritual Fire

In today’s world, we no longer feel the 10,000 trembling secrets at the edge of our vision…. We’ve lost the cultural lens of seeing the deeper meanings and reasons within both our struggles and dreamings… 

We gather together around the fire, be in ritual, drumming, listening into the myth-stories that hold a kind of alchemical power to break spells and restore a deeper memory.
Begins Feb


Men's Bear Clan

This is for those who want more than mere circle work and want to re-connect with nature, be around a real fire, venture into wild landscape where through story, dialogue and adventure we both restore a deeper felt essence within us and draw new clarity on the path we walk in the present.

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Join The Village 

Join and be informed of upcoming gatherings & events


Coming Soon

Wild Shaman

This is a traditional learning trail from the AyurMukti Lineage of the Himalayas. 

It shares the Indigenous ways of connecting deeper into the primordial energies, the land, totems, and spirits. 

Begins Feb
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Around The New Moon

Women of many. lands and culture circle together and lean into the stories, mysteries and medicine passed down through the womb... womb memories.   

Gather with women around the Virtual fireside (zoom) in the traditional ways of storytelling, song, soulful dialogue & movement.

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3rd Sunday

Kriya Tantrika

This is a special Sadhana (Spiritual Practice) focused on the breath, awareness development and inner cultivation techniques from the great Siddhas. 

We provide mentoring & training from an indigenous and mythic-archetypal lens for adults & youth as you navigate your cyclic stages, greet significant life transitions, traditional grief tending, & adopting these mythic-indigenous ways of living & being in the world.


Together we are healing from our collective wound of colonization, reclaiming our personal and collective sovereignty, and restoring the cultural ways within our modern world that breathes meaning, connection, and belonging in our lives.

We're here to foster a sense of community, to empower our youth, honor our elders, and provide a tangible means of personal growth

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